Techniques to Reduce Facebook Ads Spend

Techniques to Reduce Facebook Ads Spend

What should you spend on Facebook?

We have clients spending £6,000+ per day and others spending a modest £200 per day, but no matter what end of the scale you are – there are techniques to keep your spend low and returns high. Let us take a look at some of the more popular tactics.

Video Retargeting

Let’s start with our favourite – video retargeting. Which is a fantastic strategy no matter how big your business is, but especially for lesser-known brands.

So here is the strategy, you start with an engaging video of your product or service and run it on Facebook as an awareness campaign. Ideally, you do not want a click-through, you are simply showing users your product or service in a fun way. So for example, if you are a restaurant you could run a series of videos showing users how to cook your meals at home.

Facebook love content like this as it engages users and keeps them on Facebook – so gives you video views for cheap!

Next, and this is the key, you simply run retargeting ads to users who have watched at least 70% of your video ads. Not only will Facebook run these ads for less (as the audience has been defined) but because the users recently watched one of your videos, they are already warm to your brand.

We love this tactic as it has massive scalability potential.

Video ads can reduce your cost by lead by as much as 280%

It’s all about your targeting

Us here at Hero Marketer are huge fans of testing multiple creatives and strategies, but over the years we have found that the key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is not so much about the story, but more about effective targeting.

Facebook has a scary amount of targeting options, and it is the management and optimisation of these user groups that really opens up your campaigns.

Here are two quick things to test on the next campaign you run:

  • Try targeting users who have close friends with a birthday in the next 7 days. You should try and promote a gift idea or a gift card.

  • Create a look-a-like audience. Facebook allows you to upload a list of your customers and create a look-a-like audience, meaning they will actively find profiles that are similar to your customers.

  • Set up a retargeting pixel on your website. This is a fantastic way of re-engaging customers who may have dropped off your website.

Anything else I should know?

There are hundreds of books, strategies and tactics to get the most from your Facebook spend, and the above only just scratch the surface. We would love to hear about your project and how we could help you – so please hit the contact button above – we don’t bite!