Marketing Tips And Tricks For Your Website

Marketing Tips And Tricks For Your Website

Is your website important?

In a word, yes. We are now at a time in history where users have an incredible amount of free resources to give them an educated understanding of your goods or service – and the higher price you are, the more they will undertake this research.

For example, if you were buying a new car you may:
– Head to the manufacturer website for pricing and technical details and more.
– Check out review websites, such as Trust Pilot.
– See what others have said on YouTube.
– Look at the manufacturers Social Media channels.

And this may be before they have seen the product or booked a test-drive.

In most scenarios, looking at the website is a users first point of entry – and if it doesn’t deliver a good experience then the sale is already at risk and they may get swayed to a competitor later on in their buying cycle.

So, now let us look at some quick wins for your website:

Mobile First

We can’t stress this point enough, and if you do just one thing to your site, it should be creating it in a mobile-friendly way. Websites should be responsive, meaning they scale to the size of the device.

Now although there are some business that this is an exception for (usually business to business sites) it is worth remembering that search engines such as Google will look at a website to see if it is mobile-friendly, and penalise any that are not – instantly putting you at a disadvantage.

Now we realise that this may not seem like a quick win, but it can be for most websites by using something like a WordPress Template.

Since mid-2017, mobile internat usage has accounted for over 50% of all traffic – and continues to increase year on year.

Invest in an SSL Certificate

I can already feel most of you skip past this point, but stay with us and let us explain what an SSL Certificate does, and why it is so important.

So SSL (standing for Secure Sockets Layer for those who wish to know) is simply encryption between a users computer and your server. That’s it! So, let’s say you have a website collecting personal data or directly selling a product – should that website get hacked and not have SSL in place, the hacker would have access to the users’ details. But if the site has SSL they would only see an encrypted data, which is worthless to them.

SSL can cost as little as £60 per year to purchase and can be in place in within a couple of hours (though there are some pricier options) – and is represented by the little padlock on the URL bar. Take a look above, our site is secure

So why is this important, well firstly it is another tick for search engines – they positively impact your websites listing. Secondly, those who know about SSL may be avoiding using your website.

Optimise your Images

Did you know that you can place ‘Alternative text’ on your images? This again helps search engines scrape your site and display the content to relevant users. The best practice is to describe what the page is about, or what the image is showing. For example, the ‘Alt text’ for the image above is ‘Marketing Tips And Tricks For Your Website’.


There are plenty more quick wins, such as speed, usability, customer funnels and more. Our rule is that care should be taken with your site – and keep your primary goal in mind. Ours for example is to encourage you to contact us with your project – so with that in mind, please press the contact button above and tell us all about your project!