5 Expert Tips to Get More Engagement on Instagram

5 Expert Tips to Get More Engagement on Instagram

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Instagram remains the golden opportunity of social media platforms for marketers. And it’s not hard to understand why, since 13%+ of everyone on Earth is on it, and around 80% of them follow brands.

So let us jump straight in and look at the top 5 ways of increasing your engagement levels:

  • Post Consistently | One to two posts a day should be enough to keen engagement high. The more content likes & comments your profile gets, the more Instagram will show your profile to others.

  • Follow and engage others | It is worth following and engaging with others on Instagram to help your profile. The best way to find them is to go through relevant hashtags – for example, if you need to target high net worth individuals, then looks for tags they may have used to find them, then simply like and comment on their posts. Instagram will then relate your profile to them and show you to more.

  • Use hashtags | Instagram allows up to 30 Hashtags per post, which may sound far too many, but will help your post. We always recommend at least 12 are used, as even one hashtag can increase engagement by as much as 12.6%

  • Embrace Instagram Stories | Stories enable you to post a mix of photos and images in a single post that disappears after 24 hours. But their benefits can last much longer for your reach and engagement rates, pushing up your chances of appearing in the Explore section and helping you gain new followers in the process.

  • Show some personality | it’s important to showcase your brands personality. After all, that’s what will help make your account different from all of the other businesses on the platform.